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Collections are sold as a 2-piece for $5.50, 5-piece for $13.88, 8-piece for $21.88, or as a 12-piece for $32.88. Currently serving the Bay Area only. All truffle collections will be hand delivered. Every Saturdays, we're at the Sunnyvale Farmers Market. Will we see you there? Order Truffles
Dreamy Nangka
Kuany Caramel
Mango Elaichi
Midnight Mahro
On Point
Romantic Mahro Truffle
Romantic Mahro
Rose Water Saffron
  • Rose water saffron jelly
  • with white chocolate cardamom
  • Available in the All In One
Vietnamese Coffee
  • Dark chocolate coffee
  • Available in the All In One
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Our Story
Savor Your Memories

My family has a pattern of moving out of the countries in pursuit for a better opportunity. This started with my ancestors who moved out of China to live in Indonesia few generations ago. This fight continued with my parents’ generation where, now most of us are scattered around the world. My family takes incredible pride in our diverse culture and heritage. However, being exposed to multiple cultures can fade the main culture. This is very clear with how much we retain in our Chinese tradition and intermingled with the Indonesian culture.

When I was 8 years old, my family and I immigrated to the U.S. The first couple of years were proven to be tough; as I tried so hard to fit in and put my best effort in learning a new language. I fought hard to avoid the Fresh Off the Boat (FOB) label, so I learned to act more American way by dressing and talking like other Americans. As I grew older, my memories of being Indonesian-Chinese kept coming back through food. And now, instead of fighting to be more American, I fight to retain my heritage. I realize how much the pendulum has swung and now am fighting hard to preserve and gain my culture back.

This is how Charlotte Truffles was born and our mission is to savor these memories.